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Are you a collector of rare and unique guns? South Texas Guns is the top destination in Central Texas for classic American guns from the past two centuries and beyond.  

Our Selection of Rare Guns:

Our gun buyers have amassed an impressive collection of antique and collectible guns, including rifles carried by United States soldiers in WWI and WWII, flintlock pistols from the old west, turn-of-the-century revolvers, black powder derringers, classic double barreled shotguns, and more. All of our weapons have been lovingly restored to their original glory, and most are in functional shooting condition.  

Antique Guns in Texas

Texas rangers are our nation’s oldest state law enforcement agency, having been in operation for over three centuries. In their time they’ve carried everything from flintlock pistols to Navy revolvers, from Remington and Colt handguns to Winchester rifles. Guns used in service by rangers have an especially treasured place in any collection, and South Texas Guns can help you find your very own museum quality-piece to display in your home. 

You can learn more about the kinds of guns carried by the Texas Rangers over the years by following this link: 

Collectible Gun Brands

Brands of collectibles vary greatly, but include smith wessons, colt walker, colt paterson, kalishnakov, and more. 

South Texas Collectibles

Gun collectors place a high value on style and rarity when it comes to antique guns, so those are the same factors we’ve paid attention to when building our collection. Pick up a gun from South Texas Guns today and get ready to be the envy of your friends this summer when you show them your newest acquisition. 

While you’re here, pick up some gun oil, hard-to-find bullet sizes, restoration kits for your own classic guns, and everything else a gun collector might need. 

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