Buy a Revolver in San Antonio

San Antonio’s newest gun shop should be your first stop if you’d like to buy a revolver in central Texas. We feature revolvers in both single-action and double-action styles, and from all the top manufacturers.

What Makes Revolvers Unique?

While handguns come in a variety of styles, revolvers are unique because they feature a rotating cylinder with multiple chambers, resulting in a highly intuitive shooting experience compared to many more modern designs.  

The simplicity of this design also means that revolvers are less likely to encounter the kind of common jamming issues you might find with semi-automatic pistols and similarly more complicated weapons.

Reliability and Ease of Concealment

Since revolvers are known as highly reliable weapons, they are frequently turned to for self-defense and concealed carry environments. The right revolver can also be extremely stylish, and many women carry hand-sized revolvers in their purse for personal defense. 

Revolvers in Texas

No style of gun is more identifiable with Texas than a classic revolver. Used in the old west by everyone from notorious bank robbers to the lawmen that tracked them down and brought them to justice, a revolver is more than just a gun… It’s a symbol of a bygone age. 

Revolver Brands

Brands include Colt, Smith and Wesson, Kimber and more.

South Texas Revolvers

In addition to our selection of new revolvers, South Texas Guns buys and painstakingly restores previously loved weapons. We also provide leather holsters, slide holsters, gun grips, sights, and anything else you might need to go along with your new weapon.