Buy a Shotgun in San Antonio

San Antonio’s newest gun shop is also its best, with an extensive inventory of new and used shotguns for sale, and a friendly, low key staff that can help you choose the weapon that is right for you. 

Shotgun Uses:

Unlike rifles and most other guns, which fire a single bullet per chamber, shotguns fire pellets containing loads of buckshot. The shot spreads as it leaves the barrel resulting in a highly effective weapon for hunting birds and small mammals, when targets are quick and hard to hit with a single shot, and can also make a big impact at close-range in self-defence situations against larger animals. 

Shotgun Types

Shotguns are available in single-barrel and double-barrel varieties. However, beyond the number of barrels, there is a great deal of additional variation that also makes a big difference when it comes to the performance of your weapon. Length of the barrel, length of gunstock, loading, pumping and firing mechanisms and other factors all vary from gun to gun, so it’s a good idea to get a feel for your shotgun firsthand prior to buying.  

Shotguns in Texas

For ranchers or anyone else living in a remote location without easy access to law enforcement or animal control, there’s no substitute for a good shotgun for home security and dealing with local wildlife. 

Shotgun Brands

Brands include Browning, Mossberg Orion, Remington, Weatherby and more. 

South Texas Shotguns

Buying a gun doesn’t need to be a high pressure situation. Come out to our gun shop, located in downtown San Antonio at 15120 San Pedro Ave. There, you can casually browse our shotguns and take all the time you need to find the perfect gun for you. 

And while you’re here, pick up any other tactical accessories you might need, including shot pellets, alternative grips, and other attachments for your new shotgun.